Ep. 7 – Steph Gaudreau Interview – From Science Teacher to Paleo Blogger, Author, and Photographer

Today I had a great Skype conversation with Steph Gaudreau who has a fascinating story of leaving her full-time job as a high school science teacher to pursue a paleo food blog. Not only has her blog StupidEasyPaleo.com become extremely successful, Steph has authored several books, both in print and online, teaches nutrition seminars, and has become a self-taught professional food photographer.

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Steph divulged the process of leaving behind the security of a full-time job, how she built and grew her business, how she continues to educate herself, where her various revenue streams come from, and a whole lot more.

A lifelong athlete, Steph has trained and competed in mountain bike riding, weightlifting, and CrossFit where she made it to the Regional level on a team in 2013.

The Chime In question this episode is, “What blog do you wasted time on?”
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Screen shot from the video my business partner and I filmed with Steph at her house.