My Amazon Store

What is this, and why is it here? Very fair questions…

Since The Expansion Project is a personal journey with the intent to learn and grow I am exploring a lot of different things, including various ways to help kick back a few dollars to my bank account without charging my listeners for the content I produce.

Amazon has some cool affiliate programs that seem pretty reasonable, so I put a link here on the site’s side bar and I’ve set up this store to show some of the products I personally use,. Any time someone makes a purchase by clicking through my site I will get a few cents sent my way from Amazon. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, and honestly I may not ever make a dollar from it, but I figured it is worth trying out, and if nothing else I’ve learned something about affiliate marking from the process.

The products shown here in My Amazon Store are things I either use in my daily life and/or buy from Amazon on a regular basis with my Prime account.