Ep. 10 – Mike Spinner Interview – From An Early BMX Retirement to Building a Nutrition Brand

This week’s guest is none other than Mike Spinner. Just a few years ago Mike was one of the top-ranked (and highest paid) BMX riders in the world with several Dew Tour wins and podiums under his belt and a grip of sponsors and endorsements that allowed him to buy a giant house, build a private skatepark in his backyard, and then retire early. Now Mike is having a blast while building a nutrition and supplement company, and even though he’s only had the brand up and running for a year and a half he’s already killing it.

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We addressed the elephant in the room… Last week just before we recorded the interview Spinner went on a Twitter rampage where he called out a bunch of people in the BMX industry and basically stirred the pot a bit and ruffled some feathers.

After letting Mike comment on the Tweet-beef, I attempted to break down his new business to learn how he built the company from the ground up. We discussed Mike’s strategy for cultivating great partnerships, his mindset when it comes to having an ego in business, and how he learned to manage his finances. I even got Mike to do something very few professional BMX riders ever do…he gave us some pretty specific numbers in terms of how much money he was making a sponsored BMX rider. And I have to say, even I was shocked at the numbers.

The Chime In question this episode is, “What is the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up?”

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Mike Spinner – Tailwhip air in his backyard skatepark. Originally shot for Hyper Bikes by Fat Tony in April 2012