Ep. 13 – Kevin Robinson Interview – Pro BMX Rider Turned Positive and Passionate Entrepreneur

This week’s guest is K-Rob—Kevin Robinson who is a retired BMX rider. If you’re not in the BMX world, then you should know Kevin has four X Games gold medals and was the first person ever to do a double flair (two backflips and a 180 on a halfpipe). Now that he’s retired Kevin wears a lot of different hats… He runs a foundation that helps local kids get involved in sports, he owns a skatepark, he’s a partner in a company that makes protective gear for athletes, he does motivational speaking, he does commentary for ESPN, he has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and teaches karate classes, and to top it all off he’s a husband and father of three children.

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Kevin Robinson BMX Interview

Kevin Robinson – 70ft No-Handed Backflip – X Games Los Angeles 2013 – Photo by Fat

We started off the conversation talking about fitness. Kevin currently does CrossFit style training in addition to his martial arts, but he used to do traditional style weightlifting and to put it bluntly, he was jacked. Over the course of several years he actually gained more than 100 pounds. Like I said…jacked!

Then we discussed his various business ventures. However, as much as I love hearing about peoples’ entrepreneurial endeavors, with K-Rob everything kept coming back to the fact that he’s just a really positive and passionate guy with a lot of love in his heart for his family and community.

I was inspired by the conversation and learned a lot about him including the fact the he knows how to sew and likes country music. I even found out what his go-to song is at a karaoke bar, and surprisingly it’s not far off from mine.

Kevin even touched on his rough history with addiction that led him into rehab.

If you are inspired by Kevin’s interview, please let us know! We’d both love to hear your feedback.


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