Ep. 9 – Jason Sani Interview – Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Co-Founder of Fit Clubz

My guest today is a guy who I met earlier this year through the wonderful powers of social media. His name is Jason Sani, and like most of the people I interview on this show, he has a lot going on, but doesn’t have a full-time job. Jason is a nutritionist, personal trainer, a business and marketing consultant, and an entrepreneur who helped start a DVD fitness program that you may have seen infomercials called Fit Clubz.

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Jason and I caught up about the 2015 CrossFit Games Open…spoiler alert, he beat me in the worldwide standings. We also talked about how he divides his time between everything he has going on and stays motivated to keep doing the things he is passionate about. On top of that discussed how he worked with a team of people to build and launch a company, and how he’s currently splitting his time between Phoenix and Los Angeles in hopes of impacting more people with his positive message.

The Chime In question this episode is, “What is your biggest weakness when it comes to food cravings?” Jason had a lot to say about that and gave some great tips on how you can give into those cravings with healthy, purpose-drive alternatives without feeling guilty.


Photo courtesy of Jason Sani.


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