Ep. 5 – Gabriel Grobben Interview – From Tennis Star to CrossFit Coach

This week I chatted with my good friend, training parter, and CrossFit coach Gabriel Grobben. If you’ve ever seen me use the hashtag #broventure on Instagram I was probably referring to something I’ve done with Gabe—be it surfing, snorkeling, hiking, or really anything that involves exploring Southern California…

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Gabe and I discussed the journey of how he went form a young athlete in Nevada to becoming a CrossFit coach in Southern California. I was really excited to have this conversation, and I’m happy to introduce you guys to such a positive person in my life.

We also did a round of “Chime In” where listeners answered the question, “What is something you’ve done once but never want to do again?”

Resource Links:

Gabriel Grobben on Instagram

Gabe’s Bio on CrossFit Long Beach

CFLB Bodyweight Ninja Course (Starts April 2, 2015)

Gabriel Grobben CrossFit Photo

While you’re at it, if you want to check out some photos I shot of Gabe at CrossFit Long Beach, click on over to my personal blog…