Ep. 36 – Chad Wesley Smith Interview – The Mastermind Behind Juggernaut Strength Training System

Our guest today is Chad Wesley Smith, the founder of the world-famous Juggernaut Training System.

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In addition to being the extremely successful coach and business owner behind Juggernaut, Chad is an incredible athlete and ridiculously strong human. Chad has the 10th highest powerlifting total of all time in any weight class. He earned this by squatting 959lbs, bench pressing 551lbs, and deadlifting 804lbs. Chad is also a two-time national champion in shot put, and has earned pro status as a Strongman competitor.

On this episode we asked Chad about the origins and early days of his business and how taking things online really helped him reach more people—and in turn reach higher profits, creating an extremely positive cycle that keeps on giving.

We also discussed some of Chad’s marketing strategies and the path he had to take to get his company to the status it is at today.

At just 29 years old Chad has done a lot, and you’ll learn in this interview that he’s just getting started.

Chad Wesley Smith

Photo by Fat Tony.

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