Ep. 34 – Luke Swab Interview – How to Work Only Five Weeks a Year: From BMX Rider to Alaskan Fisherman, Real Estate Investor, and Adventure Traveler

My guest today is Luke Swab, a BMX rider from Michigan that I randomly met at a skatepark a few years ago. Luke has a vey fascinating story. He works five weeks out of the year as a fisherman in Alaska and then spends the rest of the year traveling the world on crazy adventures like driving a motorcycle from the southern most tip of Africa to the northern most point of Europe. He also invests in Real Estate to help secure his current lifestyle and prepare for his future.

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During our impromptu conversation Luke told me about his journey as an Alaskan fisherman, starting as a hired hand making only $100 to owning his own boat and earning $100,000.

He also told me about his current real estate investing strategies and explained how he designed a life that has allowed him to take dozens of wild international vacations.

Luke Swab

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