Ep. 33 – Ed Bauer Interview – The Poster Boy for Vegan CrossFit

The guest for this week is Ed Bauer who is widely considered to be the poster boy for vegan CrossFit. Ed is has been vegan and straightedge for the majority of his life and is the owner of PlantFit Strength and Conditioning in Oakland, California. Ed is also a champion bodybuilder, Crossfit coach, fitness model, powerlifter, certified fitness nutrition coach, and in his words he is constantly showing that strength through compassion makes a better world for all.

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In this conversation we tackled the basics about Ed’s background with veganism, his straightedge lifestyle, and interest in fitness, and of course he answered the question about where he gets his protein.

I had the chance to ask Ed about running his business, specific ways he markets himself and his company, and how he keeps a healthy balance in his busy life.

I also uncovered the reason why Ed is purposely trying to get as fat as possible right now.

Ed Bauer Vegan Straightedge CrossFit

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