Ep. 29 – Noah Ohlsen Interview – How to Kick Ass in Three Functional Fitness Sports

My guest today is Noah Ohlsen, a professional CrossFit athlete who finished 8th at the CrossFit Games in 2014 and 2015. He is also on the Los Angeles Reign National Pro Grid League team.

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Noah was also recently on a team that won the “World Champion” title and $100,000 in a fitness competition called F45 Playoffs, which we discuss early on in the show.

On this episode Noah will talk about his recent CrossFit Games experience and get him to give us a play by play of the foot race seen around the world between him and Chad Mackay in the first event of the CrossFit Games.

I also asked him about his mental game and coaching.

We also discussed his recent move from Miami to Southern California.

2014 NPGL Las Vegas Combine

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