Ep. 27 – Jerry Lamigo Interview – Founder and CEO of WODshop.com


My guest today is Jerry Lamigo, founder and CEO of WODshop.com. After working for companies like Adobe and Apple, Jerry left behind the 9-5 world in 2010 to fill a void in an industry that he was passionate about and create a one-stop-shop for all the best functional fitness products.

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Jerry and I talked about personal development and shaping your mind for success. I asked him about different seminars and master mind groups that he attends to help keep him on the up and up, and we found out that we have a lot more in common than we originally thought.

I also picked his brain about his online retail business. I asked him about his company’s core values, marketing strategies, and competitors. I even asked Jerry who his biggest CrossFit crush is. By the time this airs Jerry will have gotten married to his long time girlfriend, but I think you will get a laugh out of his answer to the question.

I was really excited to do this interview and get to know Jerry a better, and I’m pumped to share the conversation with you guys.


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