Ep. 25 – Joshua Dorkin Interview – Founder and CEO of BiggerPockets.com

For this week’s episode I got on Skype with Joshua Dorkin, founder and CEO of BiggerPockets.com, which is an online community for real estate investors. I talked to Josh both about investing in real estate, and about running an online business.

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Josh started out as a real estate agent in the Los Angeles area then began investing in real estate himself when he realized that the information he was looking for about how to invest wasn’t out there.

At the time he created BiggerPockets.com as a place to find the information he was seeking out he was a high school teacher, but soon left behind the employee position to run his business full-time.

Bigger Pockets stared in 2004 and now has an extensive forum board for real estate investors, a very informative blog that’s updated on a regular basis, and a podcast under the umbrella as well that is the highest ranked real estate podcast on iTunes. Bigger Pockets gives away a ton of valuable content for free, and you can pay for an upgraded membership to have access to things like a marketplace where you can find and analyze investment opportunities.

Josh currently lives in Denver, Colorado. His site has grown to more than 320,000 active users and the company has gotten so large that he manages a staff of 19 people.

I got to ask Josh about his background in real estate investing and pick his brain about some of my current struggles with investing. I also asked him about his online business—what his goals are, what the process of hiring a staff was like, and obstacles he has faced with the company.



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