Ep. 24 – Kenny Short Interview – BMX Rider Turned Circus Performer Talks About Life On The Road

My guest today is part of the Greatest Show On Earth… Kenny Short is a BMX rider from Minneapolis who is currently working full-time as a performer in the Ringling Brothers Circus.

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Kenny took a year off after graduating high school to figure out his direction in life, but eventually went to college and started on a traditional career path. After a while he started finding different ways to turn his passion for BMX into paychecks and eventually left behind the 9-5 world to live as a traveling circus act.

We talked about how Kenny got involved with the circus and what it’s like living on a mile-and-a-half long train. I asked him how he mentally prepares for his performances, and how his personal riding has been affected now that he’s riding for a living.

I think what you’re going to take away from this episode is some inspiration on how you can look at your passions and career path a little differently if you’re willing to explore some unusual opportunities.



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