Ep. 22 – Colton Satterfield Interview – X Games Gold Medalist Talks About Positivity, Love, Chasing Dreams, and Leaving a Legacy

On this week’s show I got on Skype with Colton Satterfield—a 25 year old professional BMX rider from Utah. Colton popped onto the BMX scene in 2009 after qualifying for his first major pro contest, but now only six years later he has already won two gold medals at X Games.

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Colton is currently best known for riding the Mega Ramp, but can also hang on dirt, park, and vert with the best of them.

On this episode we talked a lot about positivity and following your dreams, and I asked him all about the people who have inspired him along his journey. I also asked him about his goals within BMX and how his mindset and outlook has changed since winning the two gold medals.

What you’ll learn from this show is a lot about the mindset of someone who has really a big vision of where he feels like he’s supposed to be in life.

Colton Satterfield X Games Gold Medal

Colton’s reaction after pulling the world’s first double flair on the Mega Ramp in competition at X Games 2015. Photo by Fat.

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