Ep. 19 – Olly Richards Interview – How To Build and Grow an Online Business

On this episode I have a Skype conversation with Olly Richards who can speak eight different languages and runs a successful online business called I Will Teach You a Language.

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While we discussed language a bit, that wasn’t what I was most interested in… You know I’m all about the business, so I picked Olly’s brain about how he built his business, how he grows his audience, different resources he uses to help optimize his business and time, and his specific systems for operating a successful company.

As an Internet junkie and marketer I really got a lot out of this episode. Our talk gave me a ton of ideas and resources, and I left the call absolutely fired up about working on some of my own projects.

Olly Richards

Olly Richards in Japan

Resource Links & Show Notes:

I Will Teach You A Language (with Olly Richards)

The $100 Startup (Book)

The One Thing (Book)

Smart Passive Income Podcast (with Patt Flynn)

Fizzle Show Podcast

Seed Launch by Jeff Walker

AWeber (Email Marketing Tool)

Fiverr.com (Outsourcing Tool)

ELance.com (Outsourcing Tool)

Design Crowd (Outsourcing Tool)

99 Designs (Outsourcing Tool)

Toggl (Productivity App)