Ep. 17 – Mike Doyle Interview – How To Sell Everything and Travel The Country as a Nomad

My guest today is a new friend named Mike Doyle that I recently got connected with through Instagram. Mike is a 36 year old New Jersey native that recently did something people all around the world talk about or dream about, but never actually do—he sold 95% of his belongings, packed the rest of his stuff into his car, and hit the road.

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Mike Doyle


Mike doesn’t have a full game plan right now of where he’s going or what his nomadic life will turn into, and he admits to only having about $1,000 to his name right now. However, he’s running his video animation company from the road and finding a new drive and passion through his blog paleoriot.com, and he’s truly enjoying his life while growing tremendously as a person, and to me, that is a success.

So many times we hear amazing stories of people who have changed their lives and achieved great things, but in this show we will hear from someone who is only in the very beginning of making those big life changes, which is something I think will resonate with a lot of you guys.

Mike also asked me a bunch of questions about how I travel and design my lifestyle, and while explaining how I organize my personal finances I ended up telling him what my net worth is. I ask all of my guests about their financial situations, so I thought it was only fair that I be open and transparent about this as well.

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Fat Tony’s Financial Spreadsheet Blog Post  /  Spreadsheet Direct Download

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