Ep. 11 – How Two Books Changed My Life (Interim Episode)

This is an experimental interim episode… In this episode I read one of my old blog posts that I posted four years ago, back in April 2011. At the time when I published the blog the story was already four years old, so essentially the time in my life you’re about to hear about is eight years in the past.

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Although it’s been a long time since I’ve looked back at this post or reflected on it, the words still hold very true to this day. The post is titled “How Two Books Changed My Life” and is a story about how I learned a valuable life lesson through two books, and in turn catapulted my mind into a whirlwind of constant growth.

If you want to read the original blog post, or see any of the other stuff I’ve posted on my blog over the years you can check that out at blog.fattonybmx.com.


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