Ep. 12 – Dave Mirra Interview – The Highest Paid BMX Rider Ever Transitions to Triathlons and Talks Elite Athlete Mindset, Business, and Investments

The words “legend” and “icon” get thrown around pretty casually these days, and as much as I think the terms are overused my guest this week undeniably fits both of them… I had the chance to talk to none other than Dave Mirra.

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Dave Mirra on the MegaRamp roll-in at X Games in July 2009. Photo by Fat.

Even if you’ve never ridden BMX or don’t know much about it, there’s a good chance you’ve still heard Dave’s name before. When it comes to BMX riders, he’s the closest thing there is to a “household name”.

The list of Dave’s accolades could go on for days, but here’s a small snippet of what’s he’s accomplished in his 41 years…

– He has won 14 X Games gold medals.

– He’s competed in both BMX and rally car racing at X Games.

– He was the first BMX rider to ever do a double backflip. (200.)

– He has won the Toyota Grand Prix celebrity race. (2007)

– He has had multiple books written about him.

– He has hosted TV shows like MTV’s Real World Road Rules Challenge.

– He has had video games named and designed after him on various gaming platforms.

– He trained for competed in an EllisMania boxing match against motocross rider Brian Deegan.

– He co-founded a BMX bike company.

– He recently made the transition from BMX to endurance sports and has raced in triathlons and Ironmans.

– He and a team of three others won a RAAM (Race Across America) where they pedaled more than 3,000 miles from California to Maryland in just under five and a half days.

…and as the list goes on it doesn’t look like Dave is slowing down any time soon. He is a true elite athlete and a fierce competitor, but he is also a savvy investor, and on top of that he’s a great guy, a husband, and a father of two.

In this episode I had so much to ask this childhood hero of mine that I opted to skip the Chime In segment and just keep the interview rolling. I didn’t want to waste any time, and I wanted to get as much out of this conversation as possible.

The interview is focused on two main topics—athletics and finance. I got to ask Dave about how he currently trains, eats, and recovers while focusing on triathlons, and I picked his brain about how he is wired for success when it comes to competition, whether that be BMX, endurance sports, racing cars, boxing, or anything else he sets his mind to.

As the highest paid BMX rider in the history of the sport, Dave was able to shed some light on the financial success he’s experienced and gave some great insight in to how he’s learned to save and manage his money and what he has invested in over the years. He even threw out some mind-blowing figures about some of his largest endorsements.

It my extreme honor and pleasure to present to you, the Dave Mirra interview.


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Dave Mirra – No-Hander in Portland, Oregon – August 2009 – Photo by Fat