Ep. 4 – Dustin Grice Interview – Projects Fueled by Passion

Today I got on Skype with professional BMX rider, entrepreneur, and freelance web developer Dustin Grice. Dustin has been around the BMX industry for a long time and always has a ton of projects going on. I’ve hung out with Dustin many times over the years in various parts of the world, but until today I never fully knew how he designed his life in order to do the things he loves.

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Some of the projects Dustin is involved with include a 24hr bike-only skatepark in his hometown, a BMX stunt team that he started, other stunt teams that he rides for, various Web sites and apps, and an event and video series documenting young BMX riders in various countries. Dustin juggles all these things as passion projects while traveling the world on his own dime, funded by his main job, which is freelance web development.

We had some hiccups with Skype, so there are a few spotty sections where I had to do some editing, but stick with it because there are a lot of valuable takeaways in this episode.

The Chime In question this episode is, “What is your favorite app?”


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Dustin Grice - BMX

Dustin Grice – September 19, 20011 at the Soulstyce BMX Dirt Contest in Los Angeles, California – Photo by Fat