Ep. 34 – Luke Swab Interview – How to Work Only Five Weeks a Year: From BMX Rider to Alaskan Fisherman, Real Estate Investor, and Adventure Traveler

My guest today is Luke Swab, a BMX rider from Michigan that I randomly met at a skatepark a few years ago. Luke has a vey fascinating story. He works five weeks out of the year as a fisherman in… Continue Reading

Ep. 12 – Dave Mirra Interview – The Highest Paid BMX Rider Ever Transitions to Triathlons and Talks Elite Athlete Mindset, Business, and Investments

The words “legend” and “icon” get thrown around pretty casually these days, and as much as I think the terms are overused my guest this week undeniably fits both of them… I had the chance to talk to none other… Continue Reading