Ep. 3 – Ben Hucke Interview – From Professional BMX Rider to Full-Time Artist

Today I talked with Ben Hucke who recently made the transition from being a professional BMX rider to a full-time artist. Ben is a single father from Portland who has a really cool story of deciding to leave behind the 9-5 grind to make it on his own riding BMX for a living. I’ve known Ben for several years and was actually his team manager at one of the companies that sponsored him and I’m really stoked to see how well he’s doing following his new passion, which is drawing.

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We talked all about his career path and shared lots of insight and stories that I think you guys will find really interesting. I also shared a pretty wild story about the time I had a bunch of metal objects shoved into my ass and had hemorrhoid surgery.

I apologize in advance for the audio in some parts… We stated out the conversation on Skype, but it cut out a bit, so we got on the phone and had a little feedback for a minute. Please bear with it…I promise you’ll get some great content in this episode!

The “Chime In” question this episode was, “What was the worst physical pain you’ve ever felt?”

Ben Hucke

I shot this dumpster to 180 sequence of Ben in August 2013 while hanging out with him in Portland.

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